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Loaf Descriptions


Create a customized rotation from any number of my five signature breads.
$8 per loaf


A rustic loaf with a strong crust and open crumb. This is your utility loaf and the cornerstone of any kitchen.




The yellow hue of semolina flour makes this bread pretty, but also nutty and toothsome with a touch of sweetness. 

This soft white sandwich loaf has a buttery crumb that works with
savory or sweet. 

hhoney wHEAT





This sandwich loaf is made from locally-milled whole wheat and honey from Hilltop Apiaries.
This sweet and savory bread has polenta in the dough to provide a moist interior with an extra crispy crust.


To add items to any delivery, email at least three days prior to the delivery date.
Keep an eye on your inbox for information about off-menu monthly specials!


A northern Italian favorite with a holey interior and crunchy crust. Perfect for crostini, panini, or a dipping vessel.


In Genoa, they eat this pillowy bread loaded with grassy olive oil and coarse salt as breakfast, lunch, or a side at dinner. So should you.

The standard sourdough laced with everything bagel seasoning and baked in a loaf pan makes a delicious morning snack. It’s good at midnight, too.


This take on a moist porridge bread is loaded with oats, seeds, and molasses to make it a meal on its own.


Individual crusts make the perfect quick dinner. If you’re not up for pizza, use them as flatbreads for dipping into an oil/vinegar combo or for sopping up pasta sauce.


The live starter that powers all of your favorite breads forms the base of these crispy crackers. Just right for cheeses, jams, or afternoon tea.


A soft milk bread base loaded with two kinds of cinnamon and brown sugar for an extra treat. 


Not your average brownies. Double down on decadence with deeply browned butter, three kinds of chocolate, and a super fudgy texture. (8x8 tray)


CORNETTI — 6 for $18 

These Italian-style croissants are flavored with citrus zest and vanilla. The best accompaniment to your morning (and afternoon) coffee. 

About Us


My name is Colin Johnson, and I’m your baker. Thanks to Connecticut’s cottage food law, I can bring bread and other baked goods straight from my licensed home kitchen to your door.


I’ve always been a home cook, ever since I was a kid watching cooking shows instead of cartoons on Saturday mornings. As an adult, I went in another direction, studying Italian, children’s literature, and child development. But baking was always there. My wife, a Collinsville native, and I organized pre-parenthood vacations around restaurants and bakeries we wanted to visit, I hosted supper clubs out of a friend’s barn, and I organized bread-baking events for kids to raise money for my school’s scholarship fund. Now, baking for family, friends, and events is turning into baking for you, and I can’t wait!




All of my home loaves are made entirely with a natural leavening agent, known as a starter or “mother.” This is a living mixture of flour, water, and billions of microorganisms (including yeasts) that gives the dough not only its rise but also a deeper flavor and healthier make-up than store-bought yeast.


My starter has survived a decade and a few cross-country trips. Through grad school, marriage, a dog, and two kids, my starter has been with me through it all.



What is Company Bread?

Company Bread is a membership service that lets you get home-baked bread and other treats delivered to your door. It's a one-person shop: learn more about my background and process here.

What do I get with a membership?

A membership includes regular delivery of your favorite loaves. Set up a default rotation of breads by choosing as many as you'd like from the five home loaves: sourdough, sandwich, sesame semolina, honey wheat, and honey polenta. You'll get one loaf every two weeks, rotating through however many home loaves you choose. You will also have access to a specialty items menu to make one-time additions upon request.

How often are deliveries?

Loaves are delivered every other Thursday afternoon. Items are packaged and left at your door or another specified location at your home. 

How do I order additional items?

You have access to a specialty items menu, or you can add any number of signature home loaves to a delivery (at $8/loaf). Please email me at at least 48 hours prior to your delivery date (by Tuesday afternoon) to add a loaf or something else from the menu. 

Where do you deliver?

At this time, I deliver anywhere within a 15-minute drive of Collinsville, CT. That generally includes much of Canton, Avon, Simsbury, Burlington, and New Hartford. If you're not sure if you're in the delivery area, just ask!

Does Company Bread use a licensed kitchen?

My home kitchen is licensed under CT's Cottage Food law: the kitchen and storage spaces passed inspection, the foods have been approved by the Department of Consumer Protection, and I have obtained food safety certification. My space differs from a standard commercial kitchen in that it is not subject to routine government food safety inspection. Learn more about CT's Cottage Food law here.

Can I find your bread anywhere else?

Not yet. Connecticut's cottage food law requires that kitchens deliver goods directly to consumers. Some cottage food purveyors sell goods at farmer's markets, but Company Bread is only a delivery service. Cottage food kitchens are prohibited from selling goods in retail locations or at restaurants. 

What if I have allergies or food restrictions?

I bake in a kitchen with many common allergens, such as nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, etc. Unfortunately, that means I cannot at this time accommodate dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

Do you sell gift cards or offer gift deliveries?

Of course! Please email me at, and I'll be happy to work with you on a gift.

How does payment work?

At the end each month, I'll email you an invoice, and you can pay with cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo.​ I'll provide more information on how to complete payment in an email with your invoice. 

How do I change or cancel my membership?

You can change or cancel at any time by emailing me directly at Please make changes (including changing your home loaf selections, adding extra loaves or menu items, or canceling) at least three days prior to your next delivery. There is no charge for changing your order, and, if you are choosing to cancel, you will only be charged for bread you've already received.

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Sourdough. "I was introduced to sourdough bread one summer in Berkeley and was smitten. It was like yours with the firm crust and the chewy tangy interior. Thank you for a reminder of a long ago summer.“ – Karen Berger, community gardener

Breakfast. “Rich tasting, deeply satisfying bread. Keep up the great work!".” – Robert Bessel, Canton First Selectman

Sandwich. “I think it just may be possible that your white sandwich loaf is the best bread for a BLT that I’ve ever encountered.“ – Scott Kleiman, picky eater

Ciabatta. “This is actually not bad.” – Deb Tennen, supportive wife

Honey Polenta. “That bread is DELISH!” – Caitlin Fleming, bagel sandwich enthusiast

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